IE Surf leadership planning for the future!

Board and Staff hard at work!

The weekend of January 20th will be remembered as a turning point for IE Surf Soccer Club members.  It was the weekend the club’s board and staff met and discussed the future of our club.
Led by club president, Bryan Young, the group discussed what has worked and not worked in the past.   Staff and board broke up into groups and analyzed the areas needed for improvement to better serve our club members.
Communications, better planning, and customer service were the top items discussed and addressed by the group.  Club focus will shift from growth to development of players and teams alike.
Field renovation and complex improvements are also a high priority for the club.  An office building (24x55) has been purchased and is expected to be fully operational by the end of March.  Teams will be able to utilize its meeting space to hold video training sessions or team meetings.  The office space will also be used as tournament headquarters during events at our complex.
Please be on the lookout for emails coming to all our members with information about tryouts, new opportunities for our top teams, and overall improvements to our club.